Saturday, September 28, 2013

Delicious Skin-and-Bones Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

  Actually, I made these yesterday. They are amazing! While baking in the oven, I was wondering what I had done wrong, but then I tasted them.... and realized I had done absolutely nothing wrong. :]
Now, to those who have made cookies before, this will seem like a lot of salt..., but trust me, ok?


1/2  Cup all-purpose flour
1  Tablespoon baking powder
1/4  Teaspoon salt
1 1/2  Sticks salted butter at room temperature [or at last malleable]
1  Cup granulated sugar
1  Egg
2/3  Cup semi-sweet chocolate chips [I got the miniature ones]
2/3  Cups dark chocolate chips

  Other things you might need
2 mixing bowls
measuring cups/spoons
spatula or large spoon [spatulas are awesome... You can get a pretty good one from the dollar store]
sifter or cellophane with holes poked in it [I used option #2 xD]
a mixer or if you don't want to buy one, you could just used a fork... although your arm would get really really tired from whipping things madly, I know from previous experience :P
cookie sheet
Pam spray/extra butter/parchment paper [I used Pam, but I usually just rub butter all over the pan]
milk for drinking!


  Don't forget to take your butter out of the fridge! And pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

   Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt into a a medium mixing bowl.

  Using the mixer, blend together the butter and sugar until light colored and fluffy. By the way, if you have never used a mixer before, make sure that the mixer is really in the butter and sugar, not on top, or else you will get buttery sugar all over yourself.

  Add the egg and blend until combined.

  Gradually [this word is a synonym for slowly!] add the flour mixer [I did it in four increments] to the butter mixture until thoroughly combined.

  The fun part! Add the chocolate chips!

  Stir using the spoon/spatula.... This was an excellent amount of chocolate chips! There were plenty!
So I just added a little bit more :3. About 1/3 cup . Whether you want to or not, is up to you. :]

  With slightly damp hands, scoop up little balls of the dough... Yes, you will get sticky! But that is the comfort of having a tongue... You can eat your fingers afterwards. :]
Now, I tend to put my dough clumps too close together, and they kind of cook into each other, but it doesn't really matter, jut gently cut them apart after they cool.

  Bake for about... 6-8 minutes. You should probably check on them at 6 minutes. Now, they will bubble up, and they will not look done, but wait until they are a little crispy and browned around the edges, and that means they are done. Take them out, and let them cool almost all the way before taking them off the pan to cool the rest of the way. Trust me, they will fall apart if you don't wait!
Yes, they will look incredibly thin and strange, but that is why I called them skin-and-bones cookies, right? Trust me! They are DELICIOUS! And addictive!

Ok, this was actually the second batch that I put in the oven, which is why the pan looks... dirty or something. I didn't clean off the cookie crumbs because I'm lazy. :P

  Devour with milk!
Er, no, I didn't take a picture of the cookies with a beautiful cup of ice cold milk...
I was too busy eating and drinking!
Sorry >.<


  1. They look really good :D I'll have to make these one day :D
    And they look like they'd go wonderfully with milk :D Will definitely do that as well. (How were they? did they taste as good as they look? :D)

    1. Absolutely delicious! They're addictive. xD And they're easy too. We already finished the ones I made on Friday, I made more yesterday, and they're half-gone now xD. Easy too. :]
      I realized that I put 1 1/4 sticks of butter, and it was really 1 1/2, though, so I fixed that. But it's easy and fun! I hope you get a chance to do them :D